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API Docs

API Basics

URL Meta API is free and open to everyone. You do not need to authorize or proide an API key. Just get started right away and build us some cool stuff.

API Endpoint api.urlmeta.org
Should always be accessed over https://
Method GET
url required
Accepts the target URL along with scheme i.e: http or https
onlyHead optional
If present, only header information will be fetched. Example use case:
Get file size of a remote .ZIP file
If a target URL responds with a content type other than text/html, it would become an onlyHead request by default.


Following objects are returned in response

status OK or ERROR
reason Will be present only if the status is ERROR
onlyHead Will be present only if the request was onlyHead
meta Will contain all the meta about URL

You can expect following attributes about a URL in meta object:

Of course, all the attributes depend on their existance in the target page.

Example Response

Successful Call
{ "result": { "status": "OK" }, "meta": { "url": "https://startupbundle.com/", "type": "text/html", "title": "Startup Bundle - The best and biggest resource bundle for startups", "description": "This bundle contains all the tools and resource a startup could use. All the stuff on a massive discounted price. upto 98% off.", "favicon": "https://startupbundle.com/favicon.png" } }

Successful Call with onlyHead
{ "result": { "status": "OK" }, "meta": { "url": "https://lab.moin.im/public/favicon.png", "type": "image/png", "size": "16892" } }

{ "result": { "status": "ERROR", "code": 4, "reason": "Could not find what you were looking for." } }

Error Codes

Code Description
1 Required parameter url was not found
2 url was present but not valid.
Mostly because URL scheme was missing. It must have http:// or https://
3 Website does not allow crawling. It has urlmeta header or meta set to no. Read more about crawling restriction.
4 http response status code was greater than 400.
5 Target URL did not respond within 5 seconds.
6 There was an error in parsing HTML of website. Normally, because of an internal error.

Terms of API usage

URLMeta.org API is totaly free to use. You can make as many requests as you wish. But to keep it free, you must not abuse it's use.

Do not use this service to build search engine crawlers, indexers. If a request is repitative, or you think you'll also need it again then do cache it. It'll lower the load on our server as well as the requested site bandwidth.

Contribute to this service

There are a lot of ways you can contribute to this service:

Use the form here to contribute your sample code, bug reports and suggestions.