URL Meta

API to access meta of any URL

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JSON Response

{ "result": { "status": "OK" }, "meta":{ "title": "Startup Bundle - The best and biggest resource bundle for startups", "description": "This bundle contains all the tools and resource a startup could use. All the stuff on a massive discounted price. upto 98% off.", "favicon": "https://startupbundle.com/favicon.png" } }

What is URL Meta?

urlmeta.org is a free service developed by developer for developers. It work as an API to provide detail about a URL. A common problem/task faced by web developers is to get the detail of any given URL. Get the title, description and some other tags.

This is what urlmeta.org solves.

Why use it?

urlmeta.org has already done the work for you. You don't need to write scripts to crawl/scrape the pages any more. urlmeta.org provides the information needed. So you can now spend that time to write some other cool things in your project. And.. it is free! :)

How to use it

Usage is pretty simple. Just make a GET call and pass the URL to API endpoint: https://api.urlmeta.org and you are done.

Here is an example to show you how:
If you want to get the meta of example.com then all you have to do is call https://api.urlmeta.org/?url=http://example.com

See API docs for more details.